Safari was created by the Apple Company and became the main browser on all Mac OS X operating system. The first released as beta version was January 7, 2003, after it has been widely accepted by the consumers especially on the Mac users. It has also an available version compatible for Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest Windows 7.

Issue on Safari as Web Browser

A recent event has been found out about the vulnerability of the Safari browser. An issue about the Safari “bug” causing a great leakage of personal information over the networking site has alarmed the consumers and the users.

It was stated that the Web browser has “auto fill” ability that causes the personal information to be widely viewed by the public.

What is an auto fill?

The Auto fill is one of the ability of the Safari Brower to collect personal information specifically the name, email address, address, phone number, and the place of employment of the user. This data will then be automatically filled in.

In this connection, the issue about the leakage on personal information has led to the auto fill feature of the web browser in a harmful state.

The leakage of personal information

Private information has been kept for security reasons. Although many of the Internet browsers today have been continually asking about personal information on their users or consumers, an agreement has been made on securing the data gathered and must not be disseminated and must be kept privately. This would prevent for the improper use of the information especially nowadays wherein personal information can be easily used by criminals for certain bad actions.


It was when Mr. Jeremiah Grossman, chief technology officer of the computer security company WhiteHat Security, was doing his research regarding browser’s vulnerability that he has encountered the bug. He then prompted the said issue on the Apple Company and had received an automatic response from them.


The company has acknowledged the issue and released their final statement regarding the follow up and the fixing of the problem. It was advised until further knowledge will be obtained, to turn off the said auto fill feature.

The company has been searching for weak points on the said feature and is doing their utmost to resolve the issue especially that it concerns more on their consumer’s security.

It has an estimated 83 million people who have been using Safari as their main web browser. This would entirely mean a decrease on revenue and integrity if the Apple Company will not do the proper thing on their rendered service.

The responsibility of the company on handling proper information has always been part of the rules and regulations made between them and into their consumers. They must make a fast action in order for this bug not to cause more damage to the consumers.