There are several free tools and application that can help you to find lost passwords. Let us take a look at a few free remedies for “lost password panic” when you are trying to log onto a computer, network, or just figure out what is behind that string of asterisks.

First of all we will discuss how to recover Windows password. When you are not able to log on your Windows PC, try booting up using Ophcrack Live CD. Ophcrack will detect all users set up on your Windows systems, and then reveal their passwords, if the passwords are relatively easy to crack. Apart from Windows log on issue sometime we forgot the passwords for Windows Applications. When you have saved a password in your IM client,FTP software, or any other application that need a password field filled with asterisks, you always need a password reveal utility. Microsoft Outlook PST files: For the old email archive that is locked with a password you don’t remember the password then you can try PstPassword. This is a free utility that offers three possible passwords that can open the PST file.

Apart from these tools, MessenPass tool can recover messenger passwords. It deals with your lost passwords of MSN Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Miranda, Trillian or Pidgin password but you need to logged in and you’ve saved the password on your computer. MessenPass can recover them for you. Another issue is about to recover Network and Wireless Router Passwords. You have to keep the track of passwords that your computers send across the network. The free SniffPass is a tool that captures the passwords that pass through your network adapter, and displays them. SniffPass reveals passwords for POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, FTP, and HTTP.

Not only these kind of passwords but you can reveal Wi-Fi network passwords. The free WirelessKeyView tool reveals Wi-Fi passwords saved in Windows. You can also recover the default router passwords. Of course if you want to log onto a wireless router and maybe the owner never changed the default then you can check out the router default password list to find out the factory password for the router’s model.

We can also recover password for Mac OS X. for this you need to find the Keychain in your Applications/Utilities folder, then you will have to enter an admin password just to get into Keychain. After that you can click on any entry, like Wi-Fi networks or saved application passwords to get details and see the passwords. Sometimes we need to recover our password that is saved in browser. We can recover the passwords saved in Firefox Browser. To recover passwords in Firefox, you need to go in Tools menu, choose Options, and in the Security tab hit “Saved Passwords” button. Then hit “Show Passwords.” Alternately, if you are on a page with a password field filled with asterisks, you can use “View Passwords” bookmarklet to see them.

From all these application, tools and methods, we can easily recover password for any application.