In spite of the much hype that is being created in the media about various monetary scams and missed deadlines for the upcoming Commonwealth games (CWG) one needs to ask: Are the commonwealth games tech Savvy?

Now why would it matter if CWG didn’t even implement any plans in the technology direction? This question only makes the CWG to be on the edge! Of course technology is an important factor that plays in integrating a project plan. If we have IT majors like Tech Mahindra being the technology partner of FIFA 2010, which was organized successfully, then the CWG should also go in a similar directions of not just learning from the best practices of FIFIA 2010, or any other games but contributing to new games technology innovations. After all isn’t it India that holds its election electronically?

Mike Fennell, president of the Commonwealth Games Federation, had earlier brought the technology issue is his last visit in which he said, “From the operational point of view, the technology for scoring, timing, etc, is not in place. This has to be monitored carefully, as it is integral to the conduct of many events. Some of the equipment has arrived; other things will only come after the Youth Olympics in Singapore. We have to be in a state of readiness where when the equipment arrives, all we have to do is plug it in.”

It is not just the operational readiness that the CWG should be looked at from the technology point of view.  Logistics management and communications are more relevant for multitasking through servers that run on uninterrupted supply of electricity.

For the time being it seems that the CWG needs to up its ante in terms of it technology readiness. In order to move the games through swiftly all departments, officials, media and the public should be well connected through technology.