The CAPTCHA test must have been taken by almost all of us to authenticate that we are human beings and not an automated bot while visiting a website. And, many must have failed in the test at the first attempt or even at the second or third attempt. The CAPTCHA test is very annoying as it leads to multiple failures. But, soon we might get rid of this annoying verification exercise.

The Savior

Detroit-based company, Are You a Human, is replacing the CAPTCHA with easy-to-play small games. Its human authentication tool PlayThru has the capability to help companies fight spammers and bots that have begun to evade the CAPTCHA tests.

How PlayThru will work?

With PlayThru, companies can embed a simple game instead of CAPTCHA test. For instance, one minigame requires users to look at a set of five images and pick up the two tools and put them in a toolbox. Or, the user can drag and drop toppings onto a pizza. As the games are dynamic and keep on changing, they are hard for computers to solve but easy for people to complete. To know more about the Are You a Human company and its tool PlayThru, click here.

News source: VentureBeat
Image credit: Are You a Human