We can easily count the number of people who do not use Internet in this fast moving world. In today’s world online surfing has become the essential tool for chatting and having relationships with each other, even if two users are miles apart. So, there is no surprise at all if people fall in love online. This is only happening all over the world. Hence social sites like Orkut, Twitter and Facebook lead a way to maintain relationships and make users to feel that they are not apart and they are always together. Hence we must be careful before starting to have a relationship with one person. However the question as to: “Why many people choose Facebook to find their relationship?” still remains a mystery.

Jasmine’s Tech Dos & Don’ts of maintaining Relationships on Facebook

First thing you must not do is specifying any relational status or post your personal information on your public page since it is not authenticated and your privacy may be compromised. When you are moving with a person in a real world you can update your status with him/her. But this is not applicable to the people who you haven’t met in your personal life. Sometimes this may also cause some bad turning in your life. Hence keep your feelings as private. If you post it public it will get display on your wall and everyone can see that. So avoid posting it on your wall.

You can share your photos, videos and any important pictures that you have taken recently with your family and can share it with your close friends and relatives who are in Facebook. Since there are private settings available in facebook, you can join a group of people and can share with them. Only they alone can see your privacy photos and information. So there will be no problem in photo sharing.

Always make sure that all settings are private. Do not share any of your personal information or feelings with others. Nowadays, it is difficult to calculate any person’s behavior and character. Even if we know the person for many years they try to publish all the information to others. How far it will work if you say it to an unknown person? After knowing the person and having an interaction session with each other you may slowly start to share your things. Do not reveal anything during first meet itself.

Do not get cheated by anyone if they give fake information or photo. Nowadays it is popular among most people. Even if you are cautious, people try to cheat you. Before seeing each other, they get married through online and then they are feeling for what they have done. Please do not commit the same mistake.


I would not say that you shouldn’t get into relationships through Facebook. If you have decided to move on love with any person just interact with him for more than a month to get to know about his behaviors and family background. If you think that he suits you and your character just go ahead.