Facebook, being the seconds most popular website after google.com according to Alexa ranking has come up with a new yet innovative feature that is available to a very few beta testers right now. “Ask a question” option has been made available for the beta testers. The “ask a question” feature is to make the best out of the wisdom of all the people that are Facebook users.

“Ask a question”

The question section is set next to the “update status” section on a user’s wall and the best feature about this is that the questions will be publically available to all the users around the world. This is going to make sure that you get an answer that is not from a single group of people but all the 500 million users of Facebook are going to have a look at it and they are going to tap their wisdom getting you the most precise answer. You will still have an option to restrict the question to your group of followers only as a part of your regular status update while you can even add a photograph or poll in the question option.

The news appeared on the Facebook blog even where the director of the product management has stated this to be introducing the facility so that you can pose any questions to the complete Facebook community. The target described in the blog is the same as one can expect to have from the application generally. It is brought in to make the best out of the wisdom of all the people who are a part of the social network.

How it Works?

All the questions are available to all the Facebook users and you can even brose them from a list of tags that are placed against each question. You can sort out questions of your interests from the areas that are you are good at. The questions will appear into your friend’s list, and then in their friend’s list getting you a number of personalized answers.

The product is in the beta phase currently and you can expect to have it launched completely on the platform for everyone so that everyone can make use of it. Currently the feature is available to a very limited people and the development will be finalized as soon as the company gets positive reviews about it. The company intends to bring the product up for serious business as soon as the developers get positive feedbacks from all together.

The initial public beta is being used by some 50,000 testers altogether. You are going to have an opportunity to ask the many questions that you usually ask your friends through the status update. Somewhat like music is into business these days? What movie is doing good on the box office? Or anything like what seems to be the best food around the specific are that you are located at? All these questions were once answered by your friends only but now you can have more answers from people from all around the world.