Socializing websites are always fun to use and boost your business. However, the entire process turns around once you get targeted by the spammers. One such company which has gained quite an attention on the web is that of Twitter. Famous amongst all common people, business owners, celebrities, etc. for its following and follower system, twitter has also attracted quite a lot of spambots. Today, twitter has become a simple haystock with a huge bunch of nonsense and only handful genuine users. So, what is the solution to sort the spammers and the authenticate twitter followers.

The Study Performed

In order to help the users find the best solution for separating the spammers, two Oveido University professors David Brenes and Daniel Gayo-Avello, in Spain, researched the various options and finally presented a paper during the information retrieval conference held in Madrid. The paper offered solutions for sorting the microbloggers from the increasing spammers and other marketers. The duo finally decided on a solution that is offered by a company that is well informed about sorting spammers, Google.

Reaching the top by simply counting over the number of followers is not important. Instead, having genuine followers is the only thing that will help you get noticed. Auto-following innumerable Twitter users and then not following the ones who are not following you back is a simple method of fooling the twitter system. As a result, Gayo-Avello stated that simply counting the number of followers in your accounts is no longer a genuine method of counting your popularity. Hence, you need better methods to count your popularity on twitter.

The solution

In order to select the best solution, they tested several users and found certain users adding links in their alternate tweets or constantly using terms like “earn money”, “work from your home” and also “weight loss”, etc. Once these methods were identified, they followed 5 algorithms which basically analyzed only the following relations. They researched these algorithms to find the one that detected the spammers and marketers best. After a long search, they decided the algorithm designed by Daniel Tunkelang was the best of all others. The algorithm was selected because it took the spammers to their worst positions. The algorithm was coined as TunkRank and works simply on an assumption. When a user follows 5 different users, his attention gets distributed for each of them. Similarly, when you follow 10,000 different users, your attention is split equally for all these 10,000 users. Hence, more attention should be directed to the users who don’t follow a huge number of people.

According to this TunkRank filter system, President Obama has maximum authority on this microblogging system, while based on the number of follower system, Britney Spears tops the chart while President Obama falls back to the fifth position. However, if Twitter really follows this TunkRank, all its users will have to maintain a greater hierarchy and this will indirectly help them get rid of the microblogging spammers. So, until then enjoy the tweeting and also avoiding the spammers from affecting your social networking experience.