The world of technology has evolved at a very rapid rate. There are several changes which have made the world look a lot smarter in every way possible. The major contribution to this positive evolution has come from companies of the class of ASUS. The company of ASUS has managed to prove to the entire world that, they got introduced to the market to stay. There are several products which the company has launched. The company is most known for the excellent range of mother boards and tablet personal computers. The company has introduced the new series of slate which has been appreciated by the entire world. People from all parts of the world have praised the products in various surveys. It is not for nothing that the great company of Asus is considered a leader in the domain of tablet personal computers by many in more ways than one.

The ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC w/ Core i5 and IPS Display Lasts Over 5 Hours, as stated by the various testing. When the product was first introduced to the world market, it was feared that the only weak point of the product has to be the weak battery life which was expected to be around 3 hours. However, in various tests, it got proved that the Asus Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC w/ Core i5 and IPS Display last for more than 5 hours.
The slate is a wonderful tablet personal computer which has almost all the features that a user can hope for. The hardware is of the best quality and the machine is powered with all the latest devices. The slate comes at a price which is extremely affordable to most of the people. The company of ASUS is known to produce quality products at a very low price. The product is also a very good example of this factor. The design of the product is a major highlight. The product has been developed keeping in mind the issue of space management. It is a very handy and a very effective tool to say the least. The colour combination of the tool gives the device a very classy look. The product can prove to be a great asset for any individual. The ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC w/ Core i5 and IPS Display, has the power of Intel i5 along with a very clear display. The machine is very light and is perfectly suited for people who would need to travel a lot. The keypad of the tool is a very smooth one and users would find it extremely comfortable to handle the device.