AT&T is the largest landline phone provider and the second largest cell phone service provider in the United States. It was founded in 2005. By total revenue, it is the seventh largest company in the United States. It has over 85.1 million wireless customers, and more than 210 million total customers. This is a very big company in the field of telecommunication. In addition, it is also probably among the world’s top companies producing telecommunication services.

Among other problems

Nevertheless, these days this company is facing a number of problems. For example, the arrival of iPhone 4 was late at its retails stores due to certain reasons; people were blaming it for not providing the right uploading speed on iPhone. Now, another problem came to them, which has now been solved. However, it was quite a heated topic. Some days ago, AT&T faced another problem. The crew constructing the road in Polk County, Florida, accidentally disrupted communications in a main AT&T cable. It was reported by several news agencies. The telecommunication was badly affected. This cable was serving several sites in the West and Central Florida areas. Because of this mistake by the road constructing crew, the service of AT&T was very badly affected in the nearby areas. The service was intermittent in the afternoon and the evening that day.

Florida spokesperson Gretchen Schultz said that some of the AT&T customers in parts of West and Central Florida might have experienced a wireless service interruption for which he apologized.

Bad luck?

Orlando Sentinel reported that the problem was caused when a road construction crew cut a cable in Lake Mary, about 20 miles north of Orlando. The Florida Spokeswomen Gretchen Schultz did not confirm that. However, one thing has been confirmed is that this accident did not affect any other cell phone companies. This was surely a bad day for AT&T. We do not know what the reason is, but for a number of days, AT&T is facing serious problems that it has never faced before. Most of the issues in the last months were concerning network transfers and particularly with the new iPhone 4. We cannot say what the reasons were, but we have news that the problems will be solved.

Still on top

As for the cut cable, it was reinstated later that evening, restoring connectivity to all those who were affected by this unfortunate event. News releases earlier in the week showed that AT&T would be fixing the uploading issues that were addressed earlier in the month over the next few weeks with a software patch. There are no details as to how much this fix will cost AT&T. In addition, results from surveys released last week showed that 73% of iPhone users were “very satisfied with AT&T.

After all, AT&T is still satisfying a majority of its customers with its wonderful services. A few mistakes and errors has not brought down its popularity and influence in the telecommunication industry.