AT&T is the carrier that is bringing new ventures everyday for its users around the globe. The aim is to stay high on the achiever’s list. The company has one of the best network around the globe that reaches far away locations even if it doesn’t provide you with the fast speed that is offered by other carriers that have limited services around many areas.

VDSL venture:

AT&T is planning to deploy the bonded VDSL in the very near future that is dedicated to give people from around the area with coverage and not speed. The goal is perhaps to reach faraway places even when the speed is comparatively slow.

The very concept of using FTTN instead of FTTH has give a lot to the company as being a sticking point. The AT&T carries is providing a top downstream speed of 24Mbps while the upstream speed is 3Mbps. This speed is available to all the customers that lie within a specific range. This range of speed can easily be taken over by the Comcast deployment of 50Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 and the company is planning to come up with a 100Mbps pretty soon.

The paired VDSL concept is a new venture in order to improve the speed and delivery of U-verse to every home that users AT&T carrier. The maximum range of delivery as well as the speed are both enhanced. There seemed to be a similar deployment issue back in 2007 when the launch was postponed because of the fact that the chipset was giving some issues but the technology was ready by then. It seems that the issues are all sorted out and now AT&T can launch in complete confidence.

Benefits of VDSL:

The plan is to start deploying the pair bonding from this very week and the company intends to strike all the 22 states that AT&T is readily covering for quite some time now. The bonded VDSL is said to reach out for many customers that are between 1-2000 feet away from the current coverage area from the VRAD. AT&T targets somewhat around 30 million homes by 2011. The company is currently offering services to some 24 million users with the quality services. There had been an estimate of reaching out for 30 million customers long ago but still nothing seems to be late.

The AT&T pair bonding is said to make no enhancements in the speed boosting and performance though there has been apparent news from the carrier that it was trying a speed of 80Mbps lately. The bonded VDSL will get you with a boost of around 24-30% through the new technology but that speed might be taken up for the HD Video quality. The broadband speed seems to be unaffected. This means that no matter how well you reside within the range of AT&T, you are going to have 24/3Mbps. The Comcast and cable companies will find this to be a very positive and beneficial edge over AT&T.

The company still has an even faster DSL variant in the pipeline that is expected to come up with even better speed and reliability in the near future.