Apple just recently released the new iPhone 4 and Steve Jobs was there to show and demonstrate it to the public. In the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had an embarrassing moment when the Wi-Fi connection failed during his demonstration.

During his keynote presentation when he tried to download files to show the difference in screen quality in the new iPhone 4 from the iPhone 3GS, his wireless internet connection suddenly got lost causing an embarrassing delay in his demonstration. The downloading of the files failed and the new iPhone 4 demonstration crashed kust because of a shaky internet connection.

It was really an inopportune time for a flaky internet connection causing the demonstration failure. However, it is a consoling thought that even Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs experiences what iPhone users experience everyday, a network performance that is usually rated as poor.

AT&T, Apple’s main partner in the release of the iPhone, has been quite a problem for the users because of its not so satisfactory telecommunications service. It was also pointed out that if only AT&T allows tethering between laptops and cell phones then the issue should have been reduced.

After the demo crash, Jobs came back to the stage and asked the people in the hall to turn off their MiFi access points. MiFi is a compact wireless router that acts as mobile hotspots and is produced by Novatel Wireless.

According to Jobs, there were about 570 people in the room and the MiFi has created their own Wi-Fi networks competing with the original Wi-Fi connection established and causing a lot of phones and laptops competing with the Wi-Fi signals. Jobs also pressured people to turn off their cell phones and laptops for a while and after that, he managed to do his demonstration successfully.

Most people saw this move as an egotistical move on Apple since they were demanding the people to turn off their phones and laptops to complete the demo. It was also quite a shock that Apple didn’t anticipate this to happen considering that the new iPhone 4 uses 802.11n, which is also the kind mostly used by the people who attended the event.

It’s shocking that Apple relied solely on a flaky internet connection and they didn’t even think of setting up a separate network for the presenter in the demo. It’s really amazing how an industry leader like Apple can be embarrassed by a failed internet connection.