It is not new to me for facing constant dropping of calls or retarded data transfer periodically ever since I tied note with AT&T. It truly is uncanny since like every new technology sort of despairs the network, none the less introduces new products by merging with them. You know I am pointing fingers at Apple; ironically I am an Apple addict and have all my networks with AT&T.

AT&T’s recent software defect affecting its wireless network with slow upload and download speeds soon after the Independence Day weekend, had effected a boarder network of users.

Scope of effect

Close to 1.75 million customers of Smartphone, Iphone4 and laptop modem were affected by the slow data transfer. However AT&T, who now has close to 87 million subscribers, claimed only less than 2% of its total customers were inconvenienced, and the issue causing factor was the AT&T supplier Alactel-Lucent’s equipment that was blocking the subscribers from reaching the top transfer limits.  The supplier announced that they would be looking into fixing the glitch in their software / equipment  as soon as possible.

Ongoing dilemma

This software glitch is among the series of missteps the company has been facing recently. The interrupted phone coverage and overall network latency than compared to most of their rivals especially Verizon Wireless, is taking toll on the company’s reputation.

Although both Apple and AT&T have ongoing growth plans; the former did blame the latter for the recent hiccups. AT&T’s accidental release of close to 140,000 iPad 3G subscribers’s private email addresses and reception issues the new Iphone 4 is receiving, although first diagnosed as signal strength or antenna defect, now Apple Inc claims it is largely due to the poorly maintained AT&T network.


At&T spokesperson denied making any comments on the scope and the market affected by the network congestion. However, until it is been fixed the company said in a statement that all users who were on HSUPA (faster version of 3G) could now be experiencing normal 3G upload/download speeds, which is seriously slower once you are used to HSUPA.  Everyone from Laptop connect card users to Iphone 4 and smart phone users are to be affected.

I reckon AT&T should enforce in fixing these issues as soon as possible and not let end users value down the use of their new gadgets which were in the first place marketed to have optimal experience and now be faced down due to some software incompatibility.