AT&T has launched a new marketing service Placecast to deliver its ShopAlerts text messages. These messages will be received by shoppers nearby the market place where they are visiting. This is the first of its type of services and AT&T is the pioneer in it. Subscribers signing up for these alerts are from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago who can get alerts based on the location.

At&T is expecting to create a virtual service around the shopping area that the subscriber visits for their shopping. The messages will also include weather forecasts, details on local shopping areas location wise and traffic alerts. This is to enable the shopper to ensure good weather and low traffic snarls to visit the area which they want for shopping also getting first-hand knowledge on the deals available in these shopping areas.

Here AT&T is working with its large subscriber base creating a relationship with the advertisers, while Placecast is kicking in with geo-location services. Placecast is very excited to work hand-in-hand with AT&T on the geo location opted services which help and direct the customers to go to shopping arcades where they stand to gain a lead on fair prices shopping with alerts which help the subscriber to make it for good shopping deals.

Placement CEO said that subscribers and retailers alike benefit from these alert subscriptions with advantages of tailored offers based nearby and on AT&T. The services being a geographical based service will provide alerts based on the vicinity where the subscriber chooses to shop. Therefore AT&T has tied up well with Placecast to provide these subscriber services so that people visiting the shopping areas can avail of discounts and special prices to be able to buy at an advantage.

AT&T’s services are welcomed by the people subscribing for these services as these make the subscriber alert to the deals available at the shopping location that they visit. A timely intervention of the deals available in the particular location is a useful tool in the hands of the subscribers. They make it to those selective stores to shop at bargains and take advantage of price discounts and other such deals.

Shops at these locations will also benefit since they will get directed customers and the retailers can make their bargain deals with shoppers. This is a beneficial bargain for both retailers and the subscribers each benefiting in their spheres of existence in the market as the sources of demand and supply. AT&T is helping both ends, by creating a demand and a supply chain so that the alerts subscribers can avail good bargains by first getting to know about the bargains and the retailers by making such bargains to the subscribers who get piqued with interests in their offers. This is obviously affecting the market forces and AT&T will make a difference.