The largest provider of phone telecommunications in the U.S., AT&T Inc, who also offers its costumers internet and television services once again have interest in the Boy Scouts of U.S. Not long ago the boy scouts were all about surviving in nature with a knife and compass, but today they are full with technology like laptops connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi, cell phones and other gadgets. The people from AT&T Inc have seen this interest in the kids and for their joy AT&T is organizing one amazing first-of-a-kind high-tech Jamboree.

Little information for AT&T

AT&T founded in 18 November 2005 is the second largest company in the United States which is providing its costumers with mobile telephony services. They have more than 210 million customers from which over 85.1 million are using wireless. Thanks to Apple and its iPhone the stocks of AT&T is going nowhere but up. AT & T is the only company in the U.S., which has the right to offer its customers Apples smartphones.

Everything you need for a high-tech Jamboree.

What do you need for one pleasant high-tech Jamboree? AT&T Inc. All jamboree attendees will have access to the AT&T Wi-Fi network. Going in there they will have a wireless internet connection. The access to the network is absolutely free. The Boy Scouts could also visit six Connection Zones. The Connection Zones are fully equipped with laptops and cell phones letting the Boy Scouts connect to the Internet or make phone calls. And what do you do when you battery dies? Don’t worry the people from AT&T though of that first there are going to be charging stations, where the you can attach your cell phone lock it up and comeback later for you fully recharged cell phone. But that’s not all have you heard of buying stuff with bracelet? These bracelets are called smart bracelets and with them Scouts don’t need to carry cash drinks and snacks. The smart bracelets are water-resistant and disposable there is a RFID chip inside which is attached to an account. So long more than 12,000 Boy Scouts had opened their account. Parents could fill their kid account by any computer with Internet or set the account to reload automatically. Tommy Hefele of Troop 1708 said “It’s much better than having to pull out a wad of cash and get change back. You just put your arm out and you’ve paid.”
High-tech Jamboree in an Army base

This will be firs-of-a-kind National Scout Jamboree which is going to be supported with high-tech communications tools by AT&T. There will be over 40,000 Boy Scouts enjoying their day in an Army base in Fort A.P. Hill which is located near the town of Bowling Green, Virginia.

Other attraction

The Boy Scouts of America have partnered organizations like National Geographic, NASA and the International Spy Museum that are going to show to the boys that science is fun. One of the attractions is Scouts running on water thanks to special designed booths.