AT&T is a leading telecom US company and aims to provide the best facility to its customers at an affordable price. Keeping this mission in mind, the company has introduced a unique wireless data facility, which will enable the users to entertain themselves with mobile Internet at an economical price. There are two data plans available for the customers who include $15 monthly payment or to avail ten times extra data for a monthly payment of $25.

The Customers have been given free will to select any of the data plans that fit their needs. The existing customers have been given an opportunity to shift to the plans, if they wish, without any contract extension.

“AT&T is assisting in making everything flexible and mobile for the customers when it comes to internet. Whether they are TV shows, your favorite websites, social forums or music, now there is no need to sit on a computer. You can avail all these facilities while you are on go. While elaborating his point of view, he stated,” We are trying to break the cliché of one-size-fits all policy and are making effort to make this facility available for every one which can only be done by lowering the price.”

Mobile Pay Order

A new and portable method of making payments has been introduced exclusively for the small business entrepreneurs.

The company has recently declared that it will be merging with AprivaPay to make such flexible payments possible. With this facility, the businessmen can sell their products via mobile phones. AT&T claims that, this service will give a boost to company’s level of productivity and will enhance the company’s cash flow.

“The level of sales surges when payment through cards is accepted by the small businesses,” Claimed Michael Antieri, the president of Advanced Enterprise Mobility solutions at AT&T.” By keeping this fact into account that most of the small businesses will be availing the services of smart phones, the payment facility through cards and the mobile applications make a perfect combination for the entrepreneurs.”

The smartphone industry ensures a promising future. A recent market research made on the mobile mode payment showed that the payments would increase from $69 billion in 2009 to approximately $600 billion in 2014.

AT&T is not the only company that has showed interest in the small business companies. Google has launched a new communication system exclusively designed for small-scale business entrepreneurs. This service is called Google Voice and is a well-integrated system. This facility will make it possible for the small companies to use Google Docs, Gmail, Google Wave and Google Buzz along with some new products at a relatively cheap rate.