All over the world, in every state, government’s policy is to control the media to keep them non- criticisable of government’s governance. Whenever media try to highlight the dark side of any government they jumped to suffocate media’s neck by enforcing their mind irrespective isms- from communism to capitalism. While technology has ousted the barriers of all the nations making transparent everything, the sole motive of people of the power is to fire that in the name of people’s welfare.

Australia’s Communication minister Stephen Conroy is performing the same job with the advantage of little fault done by ‘street view’ car of Google’s mapping service during collecting basic data like SSID information and MAC address by Wi-Fi project. Though Google has begged pardon for collecting Wi-Fi data from private house hold and deleted them from their side to subside the issue, the government will not let off the chance to fish in the trouble water.

It is true that interfering in public private life of publishing them in internet is a threat to the security of common people. Side by side, focusing over the issues like drug use, rape, bestiality, racism and child sex is also a grave duty to the society. All the controversies put some questions before us like:  what should be the behaviour of public figures? Should government apply the tool of censorships as a watch dog or should people exercise freedom of expression?

If the intention of Australian communication minister is to keep Australian away from accessing information and deny right to information asking the media or Google for imposing censorship. Who will ask the minister to impose the censorship over them?  Are they only representative to look after the welfare of people? Does not the behaviour or remarks, done by minister to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and about the broken relationship with his ex-girlfriend, go beyond decency?  After that they appeal to the people to trust them as a representative of people.  An old trick has been being played by the people of power to keep them above the criticism. How strange! They think that all the people will be made fool forever. How fool the politicians are!

According to the Google claims and criticism, if Australia is going to impose the whole countrywide internet filter, then People of Australia will be deprived from the freedom of expression and right to information. Google may follow the line of china; they did to prevent hacking of people’s personal information. It may make happy Australian communication minister as a saviour of left ideology.