AVG, a company which offers antivirus facility to PC users, is introducing a free link checker for Mac.

AVG Technologies prepares to reveal AVG Link Scanner’s Mac version, a free to download tool which scans website links for possible threats. According to AVG, this Link Scanner application verifies web pages in quick-time, and sends warning message to users if software detects any website which could cause possible problems.

“Every time, you click on any of the links at any given time, you’re processing data on Internet, we scan all of them, searching for malware and phishing efforts,” said J.R. Smith, the CEO of AVG.

The software of AVG doesn’t rely heavily on blacklisted sites which flagged for possible unsafe content. The AVG application makes use of the real-time checking to give alert to users for possibly problematical sites. The company depends a great deal on large user pool with around tens of millions users, according to AVG, to make sure, users are doing surfing for securing Web pages.

Up till now, Mac users lived easy and viruses and malware free life because the malware creators’ main focus was to attack more commonly used platforms. But now, the figures are changed and the Mac included in more commonly used systems, because of development of both Apple’s mobile iOS and OS X. But the genuine threat comes through the development of social networking sites which amplify the risk of web surfers who could become victim to phishing as well as other hateful attacks.

“We aren’t screaming that Macs are susceptible,” said Smith. He also added that like any other platform, the Mac Operating System has its own weaknesses. Smith also continues by adding that, threats caused by attacks through social networking terrorize users despite the consequences of platform. “We’re defending people from themselves in some cases.”

After looking at the increasing importance of abbreviated URLs, Smith said, Savvy Web users generally, capable of looking at any URL and detect possible phishing attempt if any; condensed URLs create it harder to perform. “You can’t spot [the complete URL],” Smith added. “You can’t be the policeman of your own.”

AVG Link Scanner’s free download is specially made for Mac Operating System X 10.5 as well as 10.6. It mainly runs on Apple’s newly released Web browser version 5, Mozilla Firefox‘s 3.x and later version and Safari’s 3.x and later version.