Are you one of those millions of computer users who have the habit as well as the necessity to keep your USB cord with you always? Whether it is for giving an emergency charge to your phone or immediate data transfer, the USB cord comes in very handy. But the basic problem that most users confront with the USB cords is that they have to spend a lot of time in untangling them. And also, carrying them with you is not that much comfortable.

To safeguard you from this mess and facilitate maximum portability, AViiQ has introduced Ready Clips. AViiQ Ready Clips are like pen-sized sticks that can redefine the way you use the USB cords and connectors with your PC. You can easily clip these sticks in your pocket as a pen.

They have a charging input at one end and USB 2.0 plug at the other. The charging input is of three shapes, including mini USB, micro USB, and Apple connector. But presently, AViiQ Ready Clips are available for purchase in a set of two combinations only that may cost you between US $20 to US $30, depending upon the combination you chose.