If you want to go to an unknown destination in your city then how would you proceed? Most of the time, you will call up your friend or relative and ask for the shortest route to the destination, as well as the estimated time of the journey. So, why not ask Google? To make your way to your desired destination a little easier and faster, Google has now incorporated real-time traffic data in Google Maps. The map service will now give you more realistic estimated travel times.

Although this functionality exists in many platforms, but the inclusion of real-time traffic data is something that makes Google Maps a little more useful. Google Maps will make use of data about current traffic conditions and give you an estimated time of your journey to a particular destination. This will help you to choose the smartest route and avoid those long traffic queues on the roads.

It will gather this real-time traffic data from the My Location feature available on Google Maps, as well as third-party resources. So, it’s time to move faster and smarter.