Many cloud computing user companies are having much trouble when it comes to safe data storing. Sometimes, data loss is a common. So basically, its main concern is how to prevent data loss and how to provide data security.


Data are important. But sometimes, you can’t determine whether you are doing the right protection or not. Occasionally, data loss happens.

Data loss are sometimes caused by an act of hacking – a malicious way of re-programming system without the consent of the owner or administrator. Another is an unexpected system or program errors, or even harmful program detections.


Backupify service is a very easy and at the same time a cost effective way for data storing and protection. This also helps you backup important files stored outside your computer data files like your online data accounts which is as important as those inside in your computer drives.

Monday, Backupify revealed its new service offering exclusively for all Google Application users. This is to ensure security in data issues regarding data loss prevention by initiating through a good service backup of important files stored. Applications that were covered on this service were Google mostly used service like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Site accounts.

Rob May, Backupify founder, stated that Google Application users can now fully enjoy its wider service. In addition, he said that most of these users are having small business without proper resources when it comes to data loss prevention.

Some of its service is the Amazon S3 secure cloud storage system that offers Google users daily backups in addition of protection and can even help them select useful backups for their PC or web.

The Backupify service also revealed its additional service channel program. Currently on beta version, this service offers the ability to sell Google Applications with additional backup solution information. The said service program will be due on market this August.

These are the following three levels of the Backupify service offers: the Premium Package which offers 250 GB of storage and 50 Google Apps accounts for $59.95 per month; the Plus Package which offers 100 GB of storage and 25 Google Apps accounts for $29.95 per month; and last is the Basic Package which offers 25 GB of storage and 10 Google Apps accounts for $9.95 per month.

If the new service program will be a success, the Backupify will further move into much deeper structure of single interface wherein you can both monitor your Google Applications and Backupify accounts.

The Backupify also plans to extend its data backup service to other applications like Microsoft Office Online, Zoho, QuickBooks and more online programs.

The Backupify service not just ensures their clients in a full security of data protection, but also aims to give a hassle-free service with a zero failure.