Social networking is all about meeting or connecting with new people who share common interests, workplace, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. And since the trend of social networking is rapidly growing, it is utmost important to have good social networking habits in order to avoid any kind of social mishap. It is highly recommended to adopt the following social media habits listed below.

Never make your profile public

First and foremost, one of the most common and highly perilous social networking habits to avoid is to stop making your profile public. Just imagine, when your profile is public, anybody from anywhere can see your posts, videos, pictures, and all your personal details easily. It is highly advisable to tweak the settings of your profile to make it private. Decide who all can view your profile.

Don’t share or mention your address

Never share or fill in your postal address anywhere on your social networking profile. You never know who may read the information to misuse it. And if any of your friends wants your address, prefer telling them in person or on the phone.

Avoid adding strangers

If you have a social networking profile, for sure you must have got a add request from a friend of a friend to be his or her friend. And in curiosity you accept it without meeting that person. Piece of advice- never accept such requests.