Google certainly rules on every front but there is one front where Google is facing a number of issues. The revival of Google in China might be possible at any stage but it is certainly not expected the way Google wants it. Meanwhile, Baidu is getting the best out of the situation and is striving to strike great heights in the near future.

Google had been waiting for the license of operation into China to be renewed in the start of this month while Baidu was busy doing greater deals. Wang Jing, vice-president of engineering joined Baidu in April this year after spending four years with Google and claims that Baidu understands our ambition. The vice-president was busy interviewing and meeting a lot of applicants who wanted to work for the Number 1 search engine in the world. People have started considering Baidu more of an international company then a local Chinese company.

Financial Achievements of Baidu:

Baidu had been real high in terms of achievements this year. The company celebrated the fifth anniversary of its NASDAQ public offering and has made a remarkable profit of 82% this year compared to last year’s price. On the other hand, Google faced a 21% fall lately which another of the Chinese portal named SINA fell by 19%. Investors prefer Baidu over all the other options when it comes to China specifically as the Chinese giant has taken up 64% of the internet search share in the country. Google is certainly on the second number with less than half the share in terms of proportion. The company is ruling in the country because of the reason that it is following all instructions coming from the country’s officials and that is benefitting them a lot in the search market. Google, on the other hand is more interested in getting their deals secured more than what the Chinese officials say.

The technological kink that has been introduced by Google is a technical and smart one though but it is not coming up as effective as well. Google has a page that tends to follow all the laws that Chinese government have highlighted and not violate even a single out of all of them. The landing page is giving them with the results in the way the government wants but once you click any link, the page is redirected to the search engine that is located in Hong Kong where the censorship rules do not apply. The extra steps are quite inconvenient to people using Google and this is another reason why Baidu is rising amongst users. Advertisers are after users and not international names only so this will move the advertisements to Baidu instead of Google in the future.

Short Comparison:

The Google search engine in China has become more complex than anything else and has become more complex than a normal website. The redirecting kink is certainly coming up as a technical issue and that is the reason why Baidu expects better in the future. The local Chinese search engine that is not local anymore gives a very nice texture of the programming done as well as the use is quite simple with no high details technicalities. The plain search engine is certainly getting more attention from every walk of life may it be users who are interested in searching for their desired content or business professionals who are planning to publicize themselves in the local market.