MuscleNerd, a well known jailbreaking guru from the iPhone Dev-Team, released a video showing he was able to jailbreak iPad. Scarcely 24 hours after the release of iPad, MuscleNerd tweeted and posted a screen shot of his root access moment in iPad.

According to his tweet, he utilized a port from Comex’s ‘Spirit” jailbreak. The Spirit jailbreak takes advantage of a bug found in iPhones running on OS 3.1.3 and of course iPads powered by OS 3.2. MuscleNerd also posted his iPad jailbreaking feats on YouTube.

With the Spirit jailbreak, it won’t be long till ordinary users can access their iPads remotely and do some tweaking themselves. The current flaw will be something that a lot of iPad owners—also now hopeful iPad purchasers—would eagerly take advantage of. Well, unless Apple decides to release a security update to patch the flaw in the OS 3.2. In the case of web browser based hacks, however, Apple will probably swiftly take action to curtail the hack’s spread.

It’s no wonder though why jailbreakers like MuscleNerd will strive to unleash a jailbreak anytime soon. Although iPad is a beauty when it comes to design and potential, users will always look for something more other than its out-of-the-box features. Jailbreaking it would mean you can run third-party apps that Apple App store has restricted. It probably means someone smarter than Apple developers could find a way to unleash its full potential in terms of multi-tasking. This may not happen now in Apple iPads first week, but with MuscleNerd proving that it does have loopholes, the possibilities are just limitless.