EASEUS Partition Master is a free partition manager program that offers its users to take control of their hard drives. Although Windows has really tried to make every operation as user- friendly as possible, in terms of partition management, it has limit the of its built in partition manager. The added feature of Vista’s Extend and Shrink may be enough for a novice dabbling with partition management but is just too frustrating for the more advanced user.

Most users who want total control of their hard disks turn to other third party programs to satiate their need for more control of their hard drives. This is where EASEUS Partition Master comes in. Its clean GUI lets users easily embark on their partition managements quests. If you have been tinkering with partition managers before, then the interface would look a lot like Acronis’ and Paragon’s. But if you’re a novice, don’t worry, you won’t feel like you’d be reading a lot of the help file for days before you get the hang of running the program. The buttons cleanly aligned at the top already lists the key features of this program.

To resize your partitions you can easily drag the slider in the window or you can access the context menu in two ways: selecting the drive and clicking the resize button on top or selecting the drive and right-clicking on it and selecting resize on the context menu. These options make it easier for you to input your desired size down to the last byte. Other features such as copying partitions, deleting them, and creating new ones are also accessible through the shortcut buttons and their right-click options.

Any changes to your drive will not be processed until you hit the apply button on the bottom left. If you accidentally hit format or delete you really don’t have to panic yet since there is also the Undo option right beside Apply.

Probably the most endearing feature of EASEUS Partition Master for those who want to upgrade their hard drive to a much larger is the Disc Copy Wizard. This lets you copy your entire hard disk to a bigger one—including your EISA partition. For those who bought their laptops not more than 5 years ago, laptop manufactures have stopped selling these laptops with a recovery CD of DVD. Instead, they created a dedicated partition to store everything a laptop needs to be recovered from its out-of-the-box state. This is your Extended Industry Standard Architecture or EISA partition. This is a crucial part of your laptop that you would want on your new hard drive if you want to have the capacity to go back to your factory settings and still use your original Windows Installation.

However, there is a question of how to fix the Master Boot Record once you swap the hard drives. This can be easily fixed though if your EISA partition is working. Booting from it, you can access and repair your MBR through the command prompt. A big letdown for EASEUS Partition Master if you expected that cloning a hard drive is as easy as copying it sector by sector and swapping them. Expect a big well of tears if you’re a novice who does not know how to access your EISA partition much less how to use command prompt.

EASEUS Partition master also offers to recover your partition and data in the event of a software crash, accidental deletion of partitions, or any other partition incident.

Bottom Line

They say that nothing good in life is free, but in the case of EASEUS Partition Master; it only proves that to a rule there is always an exception. Any novice can handle its user-friendly interface and they might even venture on thinking the being a ‘novice’ bit. With hard drives continually adding more storage space, it’s no wonder that many users are more concerned with the right tools to manage their storage space. Its features are more than enough for those who are just starting out on partition management. However, to an advanced user, its non-existing MBR fix is a bane that needs to be addressed either by using the stand-alone EASEUS Todo Back Up or other programs at their reach.

A quick note of caution though, this program promises to do some changes with your partition without corrupting your saved data but it will not hurt if you take some precautionary steps before starting any operations. Back-up really sums all those steps for you. It doesn’t matter if you do it manually or you use another program like Windows back-up or any other back-up program you’ve got there, just make sure you do it.