It takes a lot to make the world a better place overnight. It is basically tantamount to moving mountains, establishing world peace and making the perfect soufflé. That is what Google has done. They have established an entity that has changed society for the better, although some think the opposite. In any case, Google has become a lifesaver. Its search engine has provided the world with the means to find the information that they need in record time.

Following in its footsteps are search engines like:

  • Yahoo!,
  • Bing, etc.

Just like Launch, Yahoo Music, MSN Music and other external programs and websites, Google is finally widening its access to more than just searching for the definition of this and that or the official website of someone famous. It’s been discussed in community boards and a few of the Google representatives have come forward with comments on the subject.

Apparently, Google is launching a new feature that allows people to pay for publications online. The problem at first was that most publications started losing revenue around the time that the internet started archiving information from all over. This made selling actual books and magazines harder, more so when they started integrating issues on their websites. Google has offered the chance for the publishers to reclaim their revenues.

The system called NewsPass gives people a single log-in and payment account to access the “pay walls” of certain publications. This was allegedly triggered by an article published in Italy’s Republica where it is stated that

Apparently, Google is offering the publication companies a sort of peace offering to publication companies that have been affected by the revenue crisis mentioned earlier. Google is under scrutiny that it has been using third-party news content to build traffic for its search engine. The Google News service is Google’s way to serve the public headlines, short text blurbs and thumbnails. Their defense states that they always give due credit to the publisher’s website. But since Google is the most widely used search engine, it is only fitting that they will publish the news during random searches of users.

Aside from that, Google will launch a music downloading service later in the year. Since the launch of iTunes, Zune, etc. were all successful endeavors in the retail of online music; Google is finally joining in on this money train. The music service will be integrated into Google’s search engine thereby allowing users to play the music through its partnerships with online music providers. The music service will also be designed to work on mobile phones that run on the company’s Android OS.

Following that, they will add a subscription service. Since this is still in the works, Google cannot confirm any of the speculations that people are offering except for those already given by their spokespeople. These new systems signal the birth of a new era for Google. Its company’s financial status will skyrocket once this follows through but Google maintains its first and only goal; to give the people what they want.