Application and platform security is priority to many computer users around the world as they wish to ensure that their experience on the computers is safe and error free. Adobe has been the software manufacturer that has encountered a number of security vulnerabilities over time. This is the reason probably why Adobe has joined Microsoft’s MAPP program that provides members with information about security threats before Microsoft releases a monthly patch to counter their effect.

This will let Adobe tell the member users about the security flaws so that they can have clearer picture of the threats and they will be able to solve the problems quickly. In addition to that only, Microsoft is coming up with a vulnerability disclosure program that will be a collaborative one. The program will discover security flaws and report them directly to CERT-CC. Vendors of the affected product will be notified with the type of error so they can fix the issue at the earliest. Microsoft also came up with several other resources that can help them improve their systems and decrease risk

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The Collaboration with Adobe has been announced on Wednesday at the Black Hat USA conference this year. The joining of Adobe into the MAPP is an excellent effort. MAPP sends the security threats to 65 members that are security vendors. MAPP members are supposed to fix the issues before Microsoft releases the security patch for them. The advantage of Adobe joining up the MAPP program is remarkable. You can have the problems to many of your security issues solved without any delays as the developers might take time sorting out the issue and recoding the complete product for the patch.

MAPP members include Cisco, Symantec and McAfee. Adobe will not be the member of MAPP but an associate in the Microsoft’s initiative.


There have been a number of security risks that Adobe has been vulnerable to and one of the most attacked application is perhaps the Flash Player. The application is the target as it is being used by users from each and every Operating system. Another of the common source is PDF because that too, has been a very common and popular medium of document publishing. Companies have even been talking about security vulnerabilities lately that has made a lot of difference altogether to the company’s reputation.

Adobe might enhance the reputation it has by coming into a joint venture with Microsoft in the field of security and vulnerability. This effort will try and enhance their reputations and they can expect a strong rehabilitation. Adobe has come up with the second move towards safe application experiences for users this month after the launch of Adobe Reader Protected mode. It seems as if the company is concerned about setting back the prestigious reputation in order to get back high into the market. They are now using the sandboxing technique in order to prevent hackers from sneaking in.

The joint venture has been seen as an excellent move towards a fight against cybercrime.