One of the best and most famous spyware killers in the whole world, Ad-Aware Free Internet Security has upgraded. Now, it is not just your average anti-spyware killer because it now has the latest versions of anti-virus features. With new versions, it becomes a lot better in its already great detecting as well as killing skills for any spyware, whilst maintaining a relatively low profile.

Despite the fact that Ad-Aware Free Internet Security has new anti-virus protection features, its heuristics protection only runs when on demand.

Version 8.3

Its Version 8.3 is used for protection against certain root kits, which are basically, targeted stealth attacks that have been purposely designed to escape detection and then further lodge themselves into their operating systems, just like what happened in the outdated previous versions.

There are also quite a few types of heuristic detection settings that get to protect you by merely studying certain behavior patterns that are a bit complex, instead of just trying to spot certain malware signatures. If the heuristics work as well as with the heuristics of other anti-malware software, then it ought to provide more effective protection against any threats that are unknown and will be emerging, also with threats that have already been detected.

The Genotype heuristics detection system is new to this version. Lavasoft strongly claims that this detection system is quite superior to its previous heuristics. PCWorld, on the other hand, has not yet released its date for any lab-testing for this particular software. This is why they cannot entirely give an opinion regarding the efficacy of the antivirus feature.

Version 8.2

Moreover, with Version 8.2, Ad-Aware Free strongly promises that they will be able to protect you against any form of existing malware that will try to restore itself even after you have rebooted your system. You can also make use of this version’s Simple Mode, which allows you adjust the settings of your configuration once, and then never find the need to do it again, ever.

You can also try toggling the Advanced Mode, which allows you to opt which certain advanced features you want for customizing your system.

Although it has more than one mode, Ad-Aware Free Internet Security is actually still one of the easiest versions to use. You can tell it to make a full scan of your system, and it immediately finds spyware as well as other forms of malware. After spotting them, it immediately deletes the software and quarantines it all on its own. You do not need to quarantine it yourself. A new feature that can be found in this version only is its ability to particularly schedule its scans.

Although it may seem like Ad-Aware Free Internet Security is all about the good, there is actually one teeny tiny drawback. Unfortunately, it does not offer its users any real-time comprehensive protection. This means that if you intend to keep your system safe at all times, which is, of course, everyone’s intention, you will have to scan your system yourself, and regularly at that.

It might provide real-time basic protection, but, since it is only basic, it is not inclusive of Registry protection. At least, it is capable of providing you with real-time heuristic scanning that is behavior-based. If you are interested in getting a full and complete real-time protection, you can get the new Ad-Aware Internet Security Pro for only thirty dollars or the all-new Ad-Aware Total Security for only twenty dollars more, as it costs for only fifty dollars.