Who says surprises only come in big packages? Small storage devices might seem feeble but Toshiba seems to be putting a pressure on the industry of portable hard drives with the announcement of its two new additions to its 5400 rpm line, the MK7559GSXP HDD and MKxx59GSM series. The 9.5 millimeter-high, SATA II, two-platter design of MK7559GSXP HDD offers the highest capacity for notebooks with its 750 GB. The 12.5 millimeter-high MKxx59GSM series introduces a new three-layer platform which offers 750 GB to 1TB of storage.

At the helm of delivering next-generation storage capacities, Toshiba incorporates its own technologies and newly acquired Fujitsu’s expertise to both hard drives. Toshiba implemented the Advanced Sector Format. This technology uses 4K byte-per-sector and an improved error-correcting code (ECC) function which offers improved data integrity and maximizes surface storage are.

What it Means

It looks like the battle for bigger and better hard drives are about to be over in terms of gargantuan storage space size. Yes, it is still offering the public a modest upgrade to the 2.5” hard drive with its 750 GB. A very modest upgrade.

Toshiba just shifted its focus on expanding their efforts to the personal storage market. This means in order to capture the market, they are making sure that their hard drives are delivering more superiority by giving the market an assurance that it can take the demands for data integrity—a real issue when we are talking about Gigabytes of precious data left in their products.

The 750 GB MK7559GSXP HDD areal density of 541.4G bit/in^2, makes it suitable for applications that have high capacity as its basic requirement, this includes portable media players and notebooks. It also makes the notebook less cumbersome by eliminating the need for additional peripherals and storage devices. With less peripherals comes less devices sucking out the power from your notebook. This, for multimedia enthusiasts, is a boon for more high-resolution movies and images. Let’s not forget all those FLACS that’s been hogging all the space in one partition. Also, gamers would now be able to have as many copies of their virtual worlds as they want.

The MKxx59GSM series offers an alternative storage for those who don’t want to upgrade their laptop HDDs but would still want additional space. This 2.5” hard drive can be valuable for people on the go and would want to carry their work around.
Only question left now is how it fairs in terms of a competitive price. Scheduled for release on the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2010, it is worth to look at how this product would affect the trends in portable storage devices and how the public receives its marketable costs.