Microsoft is a leader in software market and they are expanding their business like never before. The biggest competitor of Microsoft is the Google and it has a bigger share in US market. The software giant planning very cleverly to dethrone Google in searches and making important moves in this direction. Microsoft is getting good competition from Google and Yahoo but recently Microsoft nabbed 11.3% searches in US. It shoes that they are grabbing market share from market leaders Google and yahoo. Apple is one of the biggest computer and smart phone producer today. Apple is known for its quality driven products, either its computers or iphones. Apple has grown bigger in recent years with its products like ipods, ipads and Macbooks.

Microsoft is also taking aggressive steps such as talks with Apple to make Bing the default search engine on the iphone. These are the steps aimed at dethroning Google in searches. Chitika claimed Google searches account for 50.5 percent of all Internet traffic on the iPhone.

Microsoft released a video showing iPhone version of Bing and it also features its several qualities like its mapping capabilities, product search, local search and sharing results via social networks. LiveSide, an analyst reported that Microsoft is promoting its two rivals by uploading this video on YouTube. But according to us it seems a good move from Microsoft’s Bing. According to us Microsoft is doing very good as Apple’s iPhone has largest consumer base and Bing will get benefitted by this step. We also hope that some of the features of iPhone like photo search and street horizontal side view will get replaced by Windows Phone 7 Bing.

As per recent reports Microsoft’s search engine Bing has been performing very well. Google has 66.2% share in US while Bing is doing fairly well with 11.8% US market share according to data from comScore. Bing also reported safter growth rate in October followed by next month November.

With all recent progress Microsoft is also upgrading Bing with new enhancements. Some of the huge enhancements includes its Facebook integration, Bing Maps transit directions and constant UI improvements. Microsoft also introduces mobile HTML5 support and an updated AJAX control with the updated Bing Maps. The Facebook integration with Microsoft going to much deeper with updated Bing in November.

With this update and integration with Facebook all Bing users will be able to see that what their friends are searching on Bing and also liking it. Microsoft also reported in late August that they will be powering Yahoo searches with Bing in the US and Canada. We are also expecting that we will see a HTML5 powered version soon in the coming months with dynamic home pages, silky transitions and new animations.