The IT world is filled with all sorts of technical items and gadgets that can be incredibly confusing, especially when it comes to the downloading of software. BitTorrent is one of the most popular facets of downloading, and if you want to maximize your experience then you should take a closer look at it.

What is BitTorrent?

When it comes to computers and communication via Internet there are all sorts of protocols that are followed to make sure that things get done in an orderly manner appropriate to that specific action. BitTorrent is one such protocol that helps make the downloading of big files easier, it does so while sparing the amount of bandwidth that you use. It is free to use and deals efficiently with pop-up ads and spyware.

How does it work?

Traditionally when you want to download something you simply go to one site and click the link that allows you to do so. What happens is that you wait for quite some time while the file is transferred to your computer. What BitTorrent does is that it seeks various locations that contain the file you are looking for. It will then retrieve bits of the file from each location at the same time. This is good for downloading the larger files like albums and movies.

How can I get it?

In order to make use of this type of download method you first have to install BitTorrent client software. It is open source software that it is available to everyone free of cost. There are a number of versions around that you can choose from, which were created by different developers. They have minor differences but they all essentially do the same thing. When you have found the one you one there should be a link taking you to the one that is most compatible with your operating system. When it comes to installation you just have to follow the steps.

How can you find torrent files?

Once you have installed BitTorrent, you may find the files that will be compatible for the download, as these are called torrent files. A torrent file basically directs the BitTorrent program to the file that you want. There are a number of sites that dedicate all download to the torrent type, but if you are having trouble finding any then you can simply do a quick search by using one of the search engines. When you find the file you want to get you can save it on your computer. When it has finished being downloaded you simply double click on the torrent file and your download will begin.

BitTorrent is an amazing way of making downloads easier. While the program itself is perfectly legal, it can be used to download copyright material. Some sites are closed as a result of this, therefore all your download can be tracked, so it is up to you to use the program responsibly.