Blackberry has recently launched its new product, Blackberry Torch with some unique features and latest technology. It is a touch screen phone which is expected to compete with several smart phones like Apple’s iPhone. It is said that this new handset would be the first one which would use Blackberry’s Operating System 6.

The product is already in news all over and is expected to give a tough competition to iPhone which uses Google Android as the Operating System. However, Research In Motion is going to launch a live blog for the same on the coming Tuesday.

In the fast paced world, internet has made our life very easy. Companies have a large platform to introduce and promote their new products. Blogs are the best medium for the same because everybody finds it convenient.

Some companies have their own websites to blog and some uses a common platform for the same. However, the main purpose is to share the news and make the consumers well aware of the latest launch with pictures, videos, comments, details, etc.

Blogging is environment friendly also, as it saves a lot of paper and is the best way to reach a large number of people at the same time in different parts of the world.

Blogging is like writing a daily diary or maintaining a news page. It is also known as modern journalism to share news with mass. Almost all of the organizations and corporate prefer blogging to enhance the communication within the company and for marketing the products on a larger basis. It is the most popular way of advertising any product.

Blackberry is going to launch a live blog for its new handset, The Torch, on coming Tuesday inNew York at an event, at 10:51 a.m. EDT. Blackberry 9800 is loaded with new software like desktop software 6.0, which is very impressive and highly responsive.

AT&T is expected to be the exclusive carrier for this new Blackberry phone; also, CEOs of both, AT&T and Research In Motion would be there at the launch. So, everybody is expecting a lot from this event and have an eye on it.

Research In Motion and AT&T might also launch a tablet on the same day, well you need to wait and watch for the same. The new handset is expected to be sold in U.S. first with AT&T as the carrier; however, not much of news is shared by them.

AT&T is known for its great services and 3G network support for more than 30 million HSPA customers. AT&T has introduced most of the innovative smart phones in the market as it has the faster network and innovative applications for the same.

If you want the latest news or updates about the new Blackberry phone, then watch out for this event. The live blog is sure to come up with the latest information about the same.