After the aggressive display of competition from Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android smartphones, Research In Motion (RIM) the BlackBerry maker is pulling out all the tricks up its sleeves to woo customers and the young market. The Waterloo-based Canadian wireless giant has just launched TV, internet, poster and others ads to attract young people in the North America by playing its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Of late, the BBM has become very popular among the corporate world and Professionals. The cross-platform messaging for all BlackBerry which shall now help one and all to be able to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. It is said that the beta version shall be made available for clients who shall be able to download the application for free.

Market size and type

Out of its 46 million users world wide, BlackBerry has more than 25 million of its users using the messenger. According to the deputy CEO of RIM Jim Basillie, The messenger is so popular that its general use has shot up nearly 500% in the financial year. In the RIM’s annual shareholders meeting, the BlackBerry messenger was a toast of the evening. This was so as television commercials highlighted the software for its advantages like the fact that it has better network efficiency against stiff competition.

These new commercials are specifically targeted for the youth who have become a wide market for the Android and iPhone models from Google and Apple respectively. This is according to recent reports on the market share of big players.


With the new cross-platform messaging, its users shall be able to perform all regular actions that are included within the normal messengers. It has a universal approach. This means that it doesn’t require different installation steps as per the country you are in. Even if you have installed the application in one country and wish to move to another location, you shall have no hassle in using the application on your BlackBerry. Unlike the instant messenger, it doesn’t require its users to log in or log out. Its users shall always be logged in to get their messages. The application shall grant its users a unique chance to be able to share and locate their geographical position on the map. To add to the grace of its users interface, all contacts can be traced n the map together with their current location.

Main credited attributes

As per reports, the messenger seems to be having an impact on young especially in the North America where BlackBerry still controls 40% of the total market. BlackBerry’s appeal has been attributed to the almost instant delivery of messages thanks to RIM’s ‘push’ architecture, unlike other messaging applications cause delay of messages for up to 20 sec. Its appeal is also enhanced by the fact that BlackBerry’s network is set to private. This means that the messenger offers privacy, unlike the text messaging, where the recipient’s phone number appears on the phone bill.

Furthermore, the messenger is covered by the BlackBerry Data plan, so it comes almost free.

Future plans

Still in a heightened fight to stay on the top, the company is said to be in plans to release a touchscreen phone with sliding keyboard, an internet browser and a BlackBerry tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad.