Research In Motion (RIM), makers of BlackBerry smartphones, will publicize their BlackBerry OS 10 in the Mobile World Congress 2012.

A prestigious event like the Mobile World Congress will unfold some fresh handheld devices running modern mobile operating system like Android and IOS. And one such operating system (BlackBerry) will obtain a major update in the same event.

RIM will take its BlackBerry OS 10 at MWC 2012 and talk about the built-in features. For quite some time, it was informed that the BlackBerry OS 10 will reach the customers this year as one of the spokesperson from BlackBerry said “2012 will be the year BlackBerry 10, so we will show the possibilities of our future operating system, and demonstrate the ability of BlackBerry OS 7, in particular, focusing on NFC technology and applications of that work in conjunction with BBM.” But later it got clear that the company will be focusing at MWC for its release.

Apart from NFC and BBM, the developers would get a specific environment within BlackBerry OS 10 to experience HTML5 on BlackBerry phones along with some capabilities for social apps. However, the BlackBerry devices running the new software are still under way. So, get ready to welcome a faster and a robust platform for your BlackBerry phones. In one way, it is quite certain that once BlackBerry devices (smartphones and tablets) based on BlackBerry OS 10 are out in the market, the market share for RIM will increase a little and might create some tension for other mobile brands.