iPhone has turned more like an inspiration now and this has turned the Smartphone industry into a competitive zone. There have been several sources that have been coming up with many different products and now the most exotic and the most widely corporate producer is coming up with a number of improvements to fight down the iPhone bonanza.

Research in Motion is coming up with a new touch screen phone in the near future that will be certainly a fight back to the iPhone and other smartphones irrespective of the operating system that they are using as long as they are listed in the top list. This did, however help RIM shares to rise up the stock market as well. RIM might come up with the announcement quite soon as setting a rivalry between BlackBerry and iPhone.

The BlackBerry 9800 is the phone that will bring this exciting competition. The announcement is expected to be made in an event in the New York City somewhere this week where the company is going to unveil the phone to the market. AT&T will have the royalty over the smartphone so they will also be joining RIM in the announcement.

Phone Specifications:

There have been several views coming from all the different directions that were predicting about the OS to be used in the smartphone and there has been strong news that RIM will be using the BlackBerry OS 6 in the new phone. The new OS is coming with a number of features altogether, you have a web browser completely refurbished that means you are going to have a phone that will compete the smartphone industry in the web arena as well. The web-centricity it is going to gain will help it compete with iPhone and Android phones that give rich web based experiences.

The phone is going to offer a complete touch screen along with a full slide out keyboard as you have in your computer. Analysts predict the phone to be answering a lot of questions that were running in the market about the technology and products RIM had been using with older models so far and this will certainly bring a silent answer to all those speculations.

Market Competition:

RIM has been selling the low end BlackBerry devices in the market lately and this will be the first time that will be coming up with the smartphone category that is comparatively higher end then the other devices. Smartphones have been attracting a great deal of people lately and the success of the technology comes with the different iPhones and Android phones sold in the market these days. There has been serious competition from many different directions where the smartphone makers in the enterprise market are giving away deals in return of the BlackBerry smartphones.

The new BlackBerry 9800 is expected to come up in the market somewhere in the mid of August. There has been no news about the prices so far and the consumers would certainly expect the phone to be somewhere around $200 with a two year contract. There has been no comment from RIM about the phone.