There is no scope for Yahoo and Microsoft in order to compete with Google search as it is globally capturing the market. The space for search has been motionless for the last couple of years and at the same time Google is strongly commanding the Internet world. Microsoft decided to grab up Yahoo’s search engine so that they can get benefits through the market and to spend billions of dollars so that they can get satisfactory results.

The space for the search engine has not seen any growth or many new players. The reason for this is that Google has taken a very high place and the other companies are catching up. Microsoft has been trying to buy Yahoo’s search engine so that there can be some sort of competition in the search engine business, but there has not been much headway in this scenario.

Google’s Extended Use

According to survey over internet, everyone is using Google search engine for most of the search results. However, Google is not in the list to become the company having the maximum turnover. The Blekko has been a start up and its secrets and key points are overviewed by those who have started Blekko. With a deep case study, Google are hoping that they are in a position to remove the search engine of Blekko.

The site has been working with the condition to create its version more interactive and in digitized form. Even if it is currently in the alpha version, they are looking for better enhancement through beta version and hoping to develop rapidly. Blekko has not been focusing on the people those who have used search engines many times. But they want the new persons to get fascinated by their search engine with their popularity. The design creation is quite good that every user would wish to use it wisely. The quality of Blekko lies in attracting many people and meeting the user requirements. Blekko is having certain limitations and restrictions in “slashtags”.


Slashtags may be adjoined to searches in order to minimize the results. We can search throughout the website as well as within the category by implementing slashtag. It can vary the methods of search engine ranking and in sorting out various results. The company Blekko says that they have invented a number of slashtags that may be around hundred or even more. They add that the users will be able to make slashtags on their own. By making use of filters, the sites which do not provide effective value can be discarded. These can be the sites that were ranking at the highest position in the results of search due to SEO.

Whatever Blekko is planning for and working with all the efforts, its usability in the market will prove the results as to whether the market for search engines is targeted by them or not. This will be an interesting challenge for a startup company in the forthcoming days. Taking on the search giant Google is no joke and so the company should be very strong in all its fundamentals to be able to implement the activities effectively.