Apparently, threads and forums over the internet were plagued by different iPhone issues. The death grip was major, followed by the poor signal reception. Apparently, the Bluetooth hardware for the phone is not an exception.

First glance on the first couple of issues

It was reported that mobile signals were lost whenever you get your hands over the internal antenna. This condition is popularly known as the death grip. It became a furious conversation amongst the iPhone users, and apparently answered by Apple with the release of the new iOS 4.1. This goes well with the poor signal receptor of the hardware. Apple offered fixes and patches that came with the new operating system. Apparently, with the release of the beta testing of the said OS, it still is an issue.

The signal bar was patched with a new one, and the users observantly commented that it was just adjusted and the height was just raised. However, reports came in that it the signal strength was more accurately displayed. You’ll get to see what your signal strength really is, against the first version that shows full signal bars when there is no signal whatsoever in reality.

The Bluetooth madness

Now, it is learned that apparently the Bluetooth connection is also busted. Reports from the users claim that it only recognized Apple compliant devices. Other devices like printers, speakers, headsets, and even other phones are not recognized. Some who are lucky to get through the detection phase found themselves unable to send data to other devices. In the case of headsets and speakers, the connection was totally fragile.

The phone has to be near the device for it to run smoothly. Bluetooth was created for distances. To be able to send pictures, ringtones, and music with ease inside a certain amount of radius. The Bluetooth issue with the iPhone was a great disappointment to consumers.

Some said that their unit doesn’t connect to any Bluetooth device at all. Others tend to return their iPhones to their respective network subscription company. Funny thing was, when the companies opted to replace their units, the new units worked like a knife through butter, no hassles, just pure pleasure. Apparently, the bug does not happen to a majority of phones; only to a great number of those unlucky people.

The solution?

To answer this, Apple was said to release a fix included with their newest operating system the iOS 4.1. If you’ll have time to visit their website, the update even puts in an add-on that lets you connect the iPhone to a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Sounds kind of fun. But if the issue that concerns the Bluetooth connectivity is not yet fixed, how can you, let alone, connect to a keyboard if your phone doesn’t

recognize another phone?

With the release of the new phone, the Droid X, Apple made a great rival. The company should hustle because from the time this article is being written, a lot of consumers are thinking of returning the phones and getting the new one. Apple meant well, but with the competition on the market today, well meant messages are not good enough to maintain consumers on your side of the boat.