Blur, an “arcade racing video game” is a complete Bizarre Creations. Starting from explaining the entire events to handling the cars, the whole game is designed and developed by Bizarre and published by Activision.

In this game, the player will come across a lot of different characters and several licensed cars. A shield bar is present and is used by the player for protecting the cars from other weapons. You are also capable of controlling the car’s acceleration, speed, drift, grip, and stability. Blur is created in a very stylized universe where the roads are scattered with radiant power-ups.

The game is conceptually weak. It lacks internal logic in it. Another game Split/Second was released at the time Blur was released and the content and style of both the games are very much similar. If you already have Split/Second with you, there is no need to check Blur anyway. The game type and challenges are also equally same. This may be the reason why Blur could not hit that much in the market.
But taking all these in to consideration if we go in to details Blur has certain powerful features which make it stand out from other games. Let us explain those in details.


The look and feel of this game really supersede. Up to twenty players can play this game. They can hop into these real-world cars and allow the players to fasten, barge, and move in the streets with unique power-ups. Though the game is full of chaos and confusion, the super charged game engine offers a lot of eye candy along with a polished look.

Game play

Blur is a blend of arcade and kart racing game play. You can play with sixty real-world vehicles. The “power-ups” are specifically designed to offer offensive or defensive edge to the players. Individual player can play simultaneously with three power-ups. Most of these power-ups can be used for firing and are very much user friendly and full of fun.


Blur is frantic and fast. Up to 19 players can bash into your car and fight hard for the best pickups. It thus allows you to increase fans for the new levels. Based on your level, your vehicles will change. As the level becomes higher the vehicle becomes better. You can continue your game with the smart use of pick-ups and drifting. This team-based game is a very good way to earn your stripes.

The control of this game is simple, tight, and responsive. This game rewards you with the proficient driving ability and planned use of power-ups. The power-ups are mapped with face-buttons in such a way that even fresh and simple minded gamer can even become easily familiar with it.

But above all good features the race is bit monotonous and you have been very little to do after the race starts. Though the race takes place in various tracks but the whole concept is very simple and dull. You can sustain your interest when you only play with other players. It is not a bad game though. It could have been an amazing one if it was released in the vacuum and if the online play is bit stable. If you have not bought any racing game yet do rent Blur and Split/Second and buy the one you want to continue playing after few days.