Borders has decided to launch an amazingly economic e-reader for the latest generation mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and other portable devices that run on Mac OSX. However, an interesting thing is the sheer fact that the device offers a low-cost solution to the Barnes and Noble Nook, the iPad, and similar devices, as it is just priced about $149.99. But, at the same time, Borders also plans on releasing e-books for iPad, iPhone, and other portable devices that run on Mac OSX. This simply means that Borders is trying to cash in from every side literally!

The best explanation to this dual strategy of Borders would be when the Kobo reader fails, people will still have eBooks to read, from their portable/mobile devices. Coming back to the new device produced by Canadian company Kobo, the latest e-Reader will be offered with 100 pre-loaded classic books.

The company will be offering a special version for Apple desktops and laptops too. But, one thing is for sure that the books are not going to be any cheaper even on the Kobo’s e-reader, though Borders will definitely be planning to present a better selection than the Apple iBook Store, which shouldn’t be really difficult to do so, as Apple’s collection is pretty thin at the moment.

Apple claims that they’ve got “tens of thousands” of e-books, while Borders promises to keep more than million books available online; so, it is definitely going to be an interesting competition.

How are Border books different from KoboBooks?
Few days back, Kobo for iPad was announced, which caught the eyes of most of the critics as well as potential customers right away. What really distinguished KoboBooks from other similar iPad applications is that this app takes cent percent advantage of iPad-style design, and turns out to be an elegant eBook reader.

Everything right from bookmarks, page views, down to the fonts, brightness levels, background settings, and gorgeous pop-up menus, is simply special about KoboBooks. But, as mentioned earlier, KoboBooks directly competes with Apple’s iBooks reader. No wonder, Apple hasn’t given a thumbs-up to KoboBooks officially.

The Kobo app without the Borders connection did not really do wonders, so it would be interesting to see whether Borders involvement will turn the tides around. It would be a shame if Apple really turns down such an amazing app for iPad or the iPhone. However, it may be a fair call as far as the business goes.

So, hold back, and see what Apple really decides about the KoboBooks, and in the meantime, keep an eye on Borders e-book reader for iPad, and iPhone. Last but definitely not the least, one must remember that something that’s really going to work out in Borders’ favor is that their product is far cheaper than any of the other offerings in the market, giving them the pricing advantage.