Recently Bose has broken it’s tradition of releasing sound based products and now has released its LCD TV  called the VideoWave which 46-inch LCD in length. The LCD TV also contains an enlarged Wave Radio speaker which has been attached to the back of the TV. If you seen the advertisement in which Bose has quite spuriously shown a layered understanding of the TV, then it looks quite like a racing car engine.

The technology enhancement that Bose has used in the VideoWave is impressive as it does not only have a great display, but Bose has also utilized it’s sound technology to create a great entertainment product.  As the VideoWave 46-inch LCD supports superior technology, it is currently being priced at $5,349.

There are a lot of accessories that come with the Bose VideoWave 46-inch LCD. One of the main accessories is touchpad based remote control that enables you to scroll through the menu.