These days, people are boycotting BP because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. People are using the various social networks like Facebook and Twitter to show their anger. Facebook is one of the leading social networks in the world and according to an analysis, there are round about 34 million registered users of the Facebook. Facebook’s users are increasing very fast and along with it is the voice against one of the largest oil spills of all time. The boycott has snowballed with the help of Facebook against BP. A boycott BP page has been created on Facebook and more that 670 thousand people have joined this boycott page. This is a phenomenal number and it tells of the anger simmering against a great environmental threat caused by the company.

Collective Action
However, according to the 24 hour News 8, the boycott is missing its intended target, and it is just hurting the independent gas station owners. 24 hour News 8 has also learned that these 11000 stations in the country are not owned by BP. All these stations are independently owned franchises. A big percentage of the profit is being earned by the owners of the franchise while BP earns only a small percentage from their profit. The truth is that the people’s boycott is affecting their sale and causing a loss to the individuals making it more painful for them, but it is not affecting the owners of BP.

To know more about the boycott, 24 Hour News 8 asked drivers if they were boycotting the BP stations or not? Some of them said that they fill up from where they feel it is more suitable and easy. They do not have a concern from where they are refilling the gas. However some of them also said that they are boycotting the BP, ever since the oil spill. And they will not use the product of BP anymore.

Growing disentiments of BP

One Indianapolis motorist even said that he knew that he is hurting the owners of the franchise, but out of principle I drive right past them and onto a different station. The motorists were making a small dent in the profits of the company, but the voices against the company are spreading more rapidly on the internet. The “boycott BP” page is spreading all over the world via Face book.

Rhema Selah, a Facebook user has said that a lot of her friends on Face book saw that she was a fan of the boycott BP page, and they also become a fan of the boycott BP page. This is conveying a message to everybody that they should avoid those gas stations. If we are not refilling from the BP gas station then there is still a chance that you are getting the gas that has originated from the BP well. Oil is an internationally traded product. So we can’t estimate as to where we are getting this gas from. So, there is a chance that even if you are avoiding the BP station, you are still purchasing their product.