Broadband connectivity service has been around for a while now and has made the lives of many Internet users much easier. Broadband over power lines is the latest advancement in the market of broadband Internet connectivity.

What is broadband over power lines?

By using BPL, broadband over power lines, you can plug-in your computer at any electrical source and you will get high speed Internet connectivity. This technology combines different types of radio, modems and wireless networking devices. It allows data to be sent over power lines at a speed equivalent to ordinary data cables and DSL. This speed is around 3 megabits per second. At the moment, manufacturers have introduced two different types of BPL. The first one is in-house connectivity that will network various machines within one building. The second type is access BPL, which will use power lines to carry broadband Internet.

How exactly will it work?

There are many more power lines for electricity like fibre optic cables for telecommunication companies. When you think about the path of electricity you will see how this works. Lines, generators, transformers and substations are used to carry electricity. Once the power leaves the plant, it is sent to the substation and then to the transmission lines. The problem is that these lines are high voltage. BPL gets around this problem by automatically sending information via low voltage power lines instead. The problem is that information can become degraded, and to get around this devices acting like repeaters are used in order for the transmission to be carried further.

How does it compare to other modes?

As with any product, there are those BPLs that will perform well and those that will be average. When compared to other modes of connecting to the Internet like cable and DSL, it has some drawbacks and some benefits. When you compare it to data cables it comes out tops. Data cables are often slower in terms of how long it takes to connect and transfer data. When many people are using it at the same time this makes it even worse. The BPL wouldn’t have this problem because there are enough power lines to go around. The DSL on the other hand, trumps the BPL in a few ways.

The BPL modem

In order to have access to the Internet you need a modem. The BPL modem is much like any other, and is designed in such a way that it allows for the sending and retrieving of data via an electric current. It is the size of a power adapter and features a silicon chipset. You can plug it into any wall socket, and it can either connect to your computer wirelessly or make use of an Ethernet cable.

Once all the kinks are sorted out, BPL may be one of the best choices for those who want fast Internet at an affordable rate.