If you think your gargantuan flat screen HDTV at your lobby is not impressive enough, why not stir delectable reactions from you visitors with a curved plasma display? OR if you’re the type who thinks ordinary just won’t cut it for your business then let Fujitsu whisk some technological magic for your showroom. Undoubtedly, the Fujitsu Curved Plasma Tube Array will surely boast of an entirely mesmerizing experience for the viewers of your signage. This newly launched display from Fujitsu is curved to support mounting on pillars or columns.

The display panel was launched at a Fujitsu Forum in Tokyo. Two two-meter high displays were stacked onto each other and wrapped around a pillar. Four of these columns towered the entrance of the event. The display’s technology was first seen a 2008 unveiling of a 125-inch by Shinoda Plasma, a Japanese company. Shinoda Plasma is well-known to be at the forefront of the advancement of Plasma Display Panel (PDP) technology. Fujitsu Frontech, a Fujitsu subsidiary, further developed the technology that led to the current Fujitsu Curved Plasma Tube Array.

So how does the technology work?

In a nutshell, Martyn Williams presented a jargon-free explanation of the technology. According to the writer, tubes are aligned in threes, one tube per color: red, green and blue. Millimeter high plasma tubes are stacked on each other on the entirety of the screen—hence, the term, “plasma tube array”. This arrangement of sorts enables the display to be curved and shaped on a pillar. The displays showcased at the Fujitsu forum are just 5 centimeters thick.

Featuring a full-colored display panel, the Fujitsu Curved Plasma Tube Array is yet again a promising platform for advertising companies. You might expect these eye-candies at public areas like airports, office lobbies, and stations. This would also sit perfectly at showrooms adding pizzazz to that already remarkable product that begs to be showcased in any media possible. Curved Plasma Tube Arrays on subway stations might get a little over appreciated. Read: read graffiti. But hey, if you want advertising any kind of appreciation is appreciation, period.

For now however, this would seem a bit ostentatious for your living room. Well, unless you’re a rock star or movie star with a perfectly reasonable need for self promotion even right inside your own homes, then, go ahead, indulge.

This signage development also ventures into an explosion of futuristic bordering on sci-fi inspired display capabilities. Not quite in to holographic displays yet, the introduction of the Plasma Tube Array Displays feels like a little nudge to that direction.

There has been no news yet of its exact release date and the product’s pricing yet. But Fujitsu promised it will surely be available this year for the public. No doubt, advertising companies are already hell-bent on procuring this display for their businesses. Avant Garde lobbies are probably making major interior design adjustments to make room for those colonial pillars and Grecian columns.