This news will sound interesting to many of you out there. While there has been a restriction on contents that are pirated all over the internet world, there hasn’t been a restriction against Google that is your destination no matter what pirated stuff you wish to search for. It gives you access to pirated software as well as film and music content. It serves the same as The Pirate Bay and any other BItTorrent search engine around the world.

The first request

This was never noticed before the people from the British entertainment industry requested Google to remove all the possible links to such media. The file sharing sites like Megaupload, 4share, Rapidshare, ZippyShare, Mediafire and hotfiles are all heavens to such file sharing violating all piracy terms and conditions giving you access to almost all the stuff on the world.

There were a number of link that were reported to Google that were found by the Google’s search engine. The writer of the letter requested the links to be blocked or removed as soon as possible therefore restricting access to them. The links were having no appropriate information about the copyrights therefore violating all the rules and regulations that are set before any content is published on the internet.

History of requests

Such request have not been noticed in large quantities apart from a very minute number of large copyright owners requested Google in the past to sort such issues and find a solution. They requested a block to such services providing pirated content. These requests were not catered properly. The evidence of which is the blocking of The Pirate Bay link in October last year. The link was back up quickly and it was said that the removal was nothing but a mistake. Rests of the request were not even catered.

The current request

This request from the British music industry is something very important to Google because of the fact that Google is planning to come up with a complete new web store where they were planning to help people download and listen to streaming music of their choice. Though the recent request has no serious back up from the officials in the industry but still it needs to be catered in order to help officials from Google have a positive response with the launch of the music store that Google is planning.

The stake holders of many of the largest companies around the world even wish that Google takes hold of Apple’s iTunes that is causing great competition in the world of music therefore the music industry cannot let the British music industry to hinder in all this process.

The future to this request is mixed content till now because of the fact that BPI, the group launching the request is a major stake holder but putting all links down refer to a great loss to Google itself. The BPI is a combination of some of the many major and minor music labels. The request also awaits the three strikes law from the United Kingdom’s House of Commons that would enable copyright owners to suspend internet content providing access to copyright materials.