Earlier we used to have separate home and office machines for printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. Keeping separate machines for each task not only occupied spaces but cost you a large sum of money. Today things have changed with Brother all-in-one printers being available in the market. Cost of investment has come down and yet you get a better service than before from the organized and efficient way all-in-one serves you. Brother all-in-one printers provide you with the facility to print, fax, copy and scan all from the same machine. They also come with features in producing amazing lab-quality photo prints, and have memory card slots for quick and easy use.

These multi-function printers are available in both laser and inkjet, and inkjet models costs much less than the laser ones. However, with growing demand of laser printers the cost is coming down. For example, as far as inkjet printers are concerned, DCP-195C is a compact size Brother printer and designed as a desktop device that produces fast 27ppm color and 33ppm mono printing up to A4 borderless printing. The MFC-9120CN is a mono and color laser printer having all other functions and has printing speed of 16ppm both in mono and color with a print resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi.

General functionalities of Brother all-in-one printers:


When you purchase one of the Brother all-in-one printers, the functions of the printer become the main attraction. Besides printing documents, faxing, copying and scanning, you might need photo printing capability in the printer, which would perhaps include ‘stock photo sizes’ and a superb resolution. Printers which have faxing capability costs more than the others, and if you do not require this feature you would go for a Brother all-in-one which can provide you with good prints, photocopying and scanning features all combined. You can also choose from the models which produce prints on both sides of a paper there-by saving papers.

Printing and faxing speed:

Many of the Brother all-in-one printers offer printing speed as high as 35ppm on mono printing. This speed varies with mono and color printing. If you are in need of a printer for office printing purposes, this should be an ideal speed for you. If you are looking for faxing facility, there are various models offering different fax speed and you need to research on this before you purchase one.

Resolution – print and scan:

This is another aspect which you need to look into. Printers with higher resolution would cost you more and hence you need to know what you want. You also need to remember that with higher resolution, though you do get a better print, you would have to compromise on the speed of the printer. Higher resolution printers normally have slower speed.

As for scanning resolution, Brother all-in-one printers offer atleast 600 x 1,200 dpi and 24 bits. There are printers which offer you more than this, but they would cost you more. Here again you need to know which resolution you want before you venture out in purchasing one of the Brother all-in-one printers.