Your fax machine:

The Brother Intellifax 2920 has been designed typically for small to medium businesses and this machine provides multiple user facility in which all can share its benefits as a fully featured laser fax machine. The innovative design of this laser fax features high capacity front loading tray which ensures paper handling and high monthly duty cycle. This facilitates the departmental support that an organization requires.

This fax machine has an efficient modem which reduces transmission time to a great extent. It has sufficient storage space to store faxes and a USB connector interface. The Brother Intellifax 2920 is a wonder machine which combines the functions of a fax machine, copier and monochrome laser printer.

Brother Intellifax 2920 for SMEs:

Designed for the SME market, the Brother Intellifax 2920 uses Brother Intellifax 2920 Toner cartridge which provides quality prints for any business operation from a small business house to a medium busy business environment. Amongst the other advantages offered by this machine, Brother Intellifax 2920 can be shared by multiple users for printing, faxing and copying therefore having the facility to be in a networking configuration. The front loading high capacity paper tray along with its high duty cycle makes Brother Intellifax 2920 one of the most efficient machine in the market with reduced departmental maintenance.

Brother Intellifax 2920 offers Super G3 transmission and data compression in MR, MMR, JBIG and MH formats. With this machine, sending faxes from different computers in the network has been made very simple. The machine has four options which allow the user to use the equipment in best suitable way. These options are as follows:

Manual option:

The machine can be used manually. In this mode the machine can be set in two sub-modes, viz. distinctive ring or full manual. In its full manual feature each call needs to be answered. Therefore, when you have manually answered the call, the machine gets an internal alert generated and the line must be held open till the Brother Intellifax 2920 picks up the call. This is not suitable when the machine is in a network when has to be put into distinctive call mode.

The external TAD mode:

In this mode the Brother Intellifax 2920 exclusively works on an external answering machine. While in this mode the machine answers automatically to calls and dumps them to a dedicated voice mail system. As far as Fax calls are concerned, the machine handles such calls by itself. When Brother Intellifax 2920 is in TAD mode, it cannot forward any calls anywhere except keeping them in the voice mail box.

Fax/Tel mode:

In Fax/Tel mode the machine acts as a receiver for all incoming calls. These voice calls are routed by the machine to extensions already assigned. Fax calls are handled by the machine itself. You cannot assign any answering machine when the equipment is in this mode.

There is that Fax only mode which is self explanatory.

The document handling range of Brother Intellifax 2920 is from 8.5 x 11 to 3.9 x 5.8 inches and has an output tray capacity of 100 sheets, with input tray capacity of 250 sheets. There is a top limit of 20 sheet feed and only plain paper is supported. The machine has a copying speed of 15 pages per minute when it is used as a photo-copier. It has a 200×300 dpi resolution and has reduction and enlargement features.