Brother 4300 meets your need:

When your business is growing, at one time or the other your will be running out of office space requiring more infrastructure to continue with your targeted profitability. It would be important then to think about space and the first thing which would come in mind is how to reduce the space occupied by your computer system. If you have four different machines doing different tasks in a small office such as a scanner, fax machine, photo copier, and  printer; then you will certainly feel stressed.

Brother 4300 printer comes with all you need, and it is one machine capable of completing the tasks mentioned above.

Your 4 in 1 media center:

Brother 4300 printer is like a 4-in-1 media center and handles all tasks an office would ever need. The design of this printer has been especially centered on its application in small business environment, providing the business organizations with single equipment therefore providing multiple services.

When you purchase this printer, the MFC 4300 toner cartridge is included in the package and this cartridge gives you the finest quality toner for use with this printer. It is easier to realise the performance of the toner cartridge when you consider that this cartridge could provide you with 1,500 pages of prints, maintaining the same quality all through.

Brother 4300 as a printer:

As regards printing, you do not require to change paper often when the printer goes into its printing mode. It has a tray which can hold 500 sheets of standard paper which may last for a decent period of prints. Brother 4300 is capable of printing label sheets, envelopes, bond paper, and even those papers which have been made through re-cycling process. This printer provides all which an efficient office would need, with multiple people hooked up with the printer through networking. When several users hit the print button, Brother 4300 organizes the printing schedule and prints out the documents one by one for each of the users.

Brother 4300 as a fax machine:

Brother 4300 can provide you with prints and copying. These two are not new to the printing world. The speciality is that, Brother 4300 can provide you with the ability to fax directly from a computer. The printer would preferably be in your LAN which would facilitate any of the computers in the LAN to fax directly from the computer. This would need software to be installed, and this software comes along with the printer which makes faxing so much easier. This keeps the efficiency level high which in turn contributes sufficiently in the company’s profits.

In fax mode, Brother 4300 offers wide range of transmissions, and further keeps tags on all the fax received and sent which are available as reports. This allows the office management to keep tabs on paper usages and toner consumptions to make these available well in time for the printer to run smoothly. The activity reports tag all the events like, the numbers which have been called and how many pages went to each along with a transmission confirmation print out after each one.