There is no reason as to why a Firefox addict should not be excited at this time, because they are reaching every nook and corner to satisfy their customers. Their latest venture is the entry into mobile phone browsers, thus the first things all other players will have to think is “run baby run”.

Mozilla in the recent past has been the biggest hit among the other browsers with its advanced features and user friendliness. Now Mozilla has recently come up with its pre- mature version of the mobile browsers, which definitely promises all the action and thrill that is available in the desktop browser. Mozilla have named this as the Fennec, which happens to be the codename of the mobile browser. The most interesting part to the users and of course not for Google’s android platform will be the sneak peak to know what they can expect from Mozilla.

There has been review that the pre alpha state is so called, as the browser is still in development. Though it’s still in developmental stages the expectation has already been created. Here are a few advantages that the reader gets to know about the new android application.

The most thrilling feature in browsers is the ability to switch, toggle and handle multiple websites in a single window, but, in different tabs. The newer version of the browser for mobiles also, promises multiple tabs usage in a mobile. You can scroll on the page using this browser which is really fun because scrolling on each side is like getting two options for just scrolling, for eg: scrolling the page until the far left of the page enables the a vertical tab panel and this tab panel shows tiny pictures/images of the other pages that are currently open, all that it takes is a click on it and then within a flash the user is in the page.

Scrolling to the right brings up another panel , which has options to mark the page as a favourite , and then all that we need to do is navigate forward or backward and open up a preference menu. The users have the privilege to enable or disable the JavaScript and manage their privacy settings. The most attractive feature is the add-on they provide. These add-ons are really good and user friendly which can help the user on further expansion and customization. I can approximate that there could be more than hundred add-ons to facilitate customization.

Another exciting feature and the most gravitating feature is the Weaver Browser Sync which allows users to save passwords, browsing history, and also allow cookies to be in sync between the desktop and the android browser in the mobile.

There are further add-ons for Youtube and Twitter fanatics. Though there is heavy expectations for this browser, the audience has to wait for the complete version of the browser, if the excitement is too high and you want to try it, one should be careful about his own system as there is a higher opportunity cost that they might have to pay.