BT and Cisco announced only recently that they have just released their new product that aims to make a fine breakthrough in the industry of UC, or unified communications. Working together, these two technologically inclined were able to come up with a cloud-based IPT solution from the Onevoice UCC portfolio of BT.

Their collaboration successfully brought about a highly scalable globally hosted IP Telephony service that lets businesses reduce any upfront investment-related costs. The good thing about this is that they are able to do so while accelerating the adoption of unified communications on an international scale.

BT was the one that made the move with regards to close engagements with Cisco services. BT intended to come up with virtualized infrastructure that is primarily created for service delivery. Their collaboration actually serves as the representation of the world’s first global offering that is based on the UC services that are generally hosted by Cisco. It serves as the main platform for any associated voice communications.

Moreover, it lets businesses bring about services that entail converged voice, data, as well as mobile purposes. They provide such services to all of the desktops that are involved in the organization, with the use of Cisco’s and BT’s cloud technologies.

The companies that they chose for management of their capital expenditure will be provided with the first look into communications that have already been converged, simply by means of consuming their offered IP telephony services, conferencing, unified messaging technologies, voicemail, and per-user pricing prototypes.

BT and Cisco has already distributed this infamous collaboration of theirs to the United Kingdom. In no time at all, BT will also be releasing this hosted IPT service to different business within the EMEA as well as in the United States of America by the year 2010. Not long after that, they will also be extending their services further into the Asia Pacific. With BT and Cisco backing them up, today’s businesses can now benefit from their UC needs, as they are hosted with BT’s next generation data centers as well as global platform, called the 21CN.

BT purposely made sure that the work with Cisco will be able to function appropriately, as it should, with BT’s own pieces of merchandise and services, such as BT’s Onevoice services. This company can now quickly implement certain services to both small as well as larger websites, as their representatives so generously offer essential call savings and also operational predictability.

Moreover, in Chris Barnard’s interview, being the Director of European Telecommunications and Networking Research, he stated that today’s macro-economic climate greatly favors the BT-hosted IPT. He even expressed his high regard for BT and Cisco for providing services that focus on the expenditure model that offers reduced risks, flexibility, as well as cost effectiveness, which happen to be factors that are highly necessary for today’s unpredictable future.

One of the biggest companies in the United Kingdom is an avid fan and user of BT and Cisco. The company is UK’s N3, the national broadband network of UK’s National Health Service. With the teamwork that BT and Cisco has come up with, N3 can now connect with more than 1.3 million health sector employees within the country.