The BT Openreach recently arrived at Bourne — the market town of Southern Lincolnshire, situated in the East Midlands of England. Around 4,800 homes and business establishments are expected to reap the benefits from the ambitious broadband project that is committed to deliver an ultrafast network infrastructure for more than 18 million households, covering two-thirds of the UK districts by 2014. The present download and upload speeds rendered through Openreach are 40 Mbps and 10 Mbps respectively, which is intended to be doubled up in the coming year.

Openreach was started by BT through a contract with Ofcom (Office of Communications) in the year 2006. The project involves connecting local networks run by BT to their respective local telephone exchanges. The overall project costs at present are estimated to be at £2.5 billion.

The central government sanctioned around £14.3 million to replace of the county’s broadband infrastructure with advanced fibre-optic networking. Contributing to Openreach as it reaches Bourne, Lincolnshire County Council has also approved an additional £10 million grant for the project.

“This latest major investment is a tremendous boost for Lincolnshire. Super-fast broadband will be welcomed by families throughout the area because it will help improve their quality of life and leisure and open new doors through online learning and fast access to information and services,” said Paul Bimson, regional partnership director for East Midlands, BT.

He further stated that the overhaul in the networking would boost the businesses and consequently benefit the Lincolnshire economy through the better utilization of Internet. To learn more about the Openreach project and the exchanges listed for upgrade, visit the BT Next Generation Broadband website.