In a yet another online social networking drama, Facebook has finally removed the controversial picture of Gregory Campbell, a British MP that featured him having a bullet hole in his temple. The picture was published all across the web on several socializing platforms after Campbell criticized a report published on Bloody Sunday, an open firing case that victimized several people of the Irish Republican Army in Londonderry.

Gregory Campbell, a member of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) became a soft target of the online death threats due to his critical remarks which he made about the most awaited Saville report. The report was based on a heart wrenching incident which saw nearly 13 people being mercilessly shot dead by the British soldiers during the civil wars that occurred in 1972, in Londonderry. The report was finally released last week on Tuesday and none of the claimed victims were armed. The report stated that the soldiers had started an open fire without giving any kind of warning to the people around. However, Campbell, a British MP who has his constituency in Londonderry, stated that more focus should be rendered to the Irish Republican Army victims, the members of whom had fought mightily during the Northern Ireland’s Troubles in order to wreck out the control of the British from the province.

Publicity on Facebook
This stance of Campbell angered a large number of Republicans which led the various networking sites such as Facebook attacking him over the stance. He was later found stating that he was informed by a member of the public that the networking site was set up and upon investigation it was known that there was a huge score of vicious references about him and his colleagues. Campbell alleged that a similar networking website of Facebook had also set up a campaign against him wherein they had published pictures and posters of him suffering a bullet hole onto his forehead. Campbell said that within just a few days of the incident, nearly 700 people from across the country signed up to the website illustrating their support to the website. As a result, the entire episode came up clearly and the action taken up by the socializing network was known.

Trying to clear the cloud from the entire episode, Campbell stated that he was constantly in the contact with the socializing website trying to ensure that these networking websites were simply closed off. He also took the help of the police investigation in order to prosecute the responsible people who had put up such posters on the socializing network. The revolutionary episode sparked a lot of flames in the province about the open firing which had taken place a couple of decades ago. Moreover, the entire news was quite annoying for Facebook and its websites which had featured the poster on the web.